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Our support is based on the following factors:

• free of charge
• professional advice
• confidential consulting
• independent of your religion or nationality

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Our team

Alexandra Mück
Office manager
Diploma in Social Pedagogy
Diploma in Individual Psychological Counselling
Member of the German Society for Fertility Counselling (BKiD e.V.) (www.bkid.de)
Certified BKiD Counsellor (qualified adviser for Gamete Donation)

Annette Gomoll
Diploma in Social Pedagogy
Specialist in Systemic Coaching

Dr. med. Ursula Ehlenz
Certified Counsellor for Pregnancy Issues (LÄKH)

Anne Kothe
Public Administration Clerk

Advice and help

We can help you if you have any questions about pregnancy (e.g. individual conflicts, confidential birth, prenatal diagnostics, unfulfilled wish to have children, sexuality, family planning).

We will advise you

• if you are pregnant and do not know what to expect
• if pregnancy leads to a critical situation in your life
• if you are thinking about terminating the pregnancy
• if you need support after terminating a pregnancy
• if you have questions about sexuality and family planning
• if you are worried about the health of your unborn child
• if the dream of having your own child is not fulfilled
We will give you information about
• financial, social and legal matters (e.g. maternity leave, welfare benefits, parental leave, German foundations that support young mothers)
• how to manage your life with a child
• help offered by official organisations to mothers
• legal steps that you have to take if you wish to terminate the pregnancy
We will support you
• if you have to go to the authorities
• if you have questions about legal matters
• if you want to contact other organisations which give help and advice to women
We will advise you
• free of charge
• on the basis of Christian principles
• confidentially (we are not allowed to pass on personal information to others)
• anonymously if you do not wish to give us your name
• without reference to religion or nationality
• in a competent, non-bureaucratic and fair manner

You are welcome to bring your partner or any other person that you trust with you to our meetings.

Advice and support if your pregnancy causes special conflicts

Pregnancy is an important event in a woman‘s life. If it happens unexpectedly, it can cause emotional problems.

Suddenly there are many problems that do not seem to have a solution: Do I have enough money? Must I give up my education? Will my relationship with my partner survive? Can I deal with possible pressure from my partner or from my family? Can I manage my life as a single parent?

We want to help women and couples who are not sure how to deal with pregnancy. Our meetings are always confidential. We do not tell people what they must do. We only talk about things which you want to talk about. We will help you to find new ways to go in life if you have a child. We will support you if you have to make a difficult decision.
• We try to find solutions together with you and talk about possibilities in the future
• We give you information about financial support in the form of different welfare benefits and maintenance
• We offer financial support in some cases (e.g. if it is too expensive for you to bring up a child). This money come from a special foundation and is given to mothers who are expecting a baby
• We do our best to find a suitable place for you to live (e.g. in a special home for single parents)
• We help you to fight for your legal rights
• We assist you in the case of a handicapped child
• We inform you about the chance to give birth anonymously in a hospital
• We advise you about the possibility of guardianship and adoption
• We make sure that you can give birth in safe surroundings
• We answer legal questions if you are thinking of terminating the pregnancy
• We support you in the time after terminating a pregnancy
In the case of abortion, we have the right to issue a certificate saying that you have consulted us according to German law (§219 StGB). In this situation, you would need to present an ID card or a passport to prove your identity.

General advice and support during pregnancy

We give advice to pregnant women and couples who have decided to keep the baby, but who need extra help.

• We answer all question relating to pregnancy and birth
• We give advice if there are problems in the partnership
or at work
• We give information about financial support in the form
of different welfare benefits and maintenance
• We offer financial support in some cases (e.g. if it is
too expensive for you to bring up a child). This money
comes from special foundations and is given to mothers
who are expecting a baby
• We give support if you wish to contact the authorities
or claim benefits
• We do our best to find a suitable place for you to live
(e.g. in a special home for single parents)
• We help you to find proper child care
• We help you to fight for your legal rights
• We support you in the case of a handicapped child

Safe environment for birth

Being pregnant can be difficult and stressful, especially if you are not sure how you will raise the child. Sometimes there is nobody who you can speak to and who gives you love and understanding. In such situations it may seem better to keep quiet about the pregnancy. Women who experience their pregnancy in this way urgently need assistance. Maybe you do not know where you can give birth or if you can keep your baby.
If you are pregnant and it must remain a secret, we will help you.

Do not be afraid. Come and speak to us. You need not be alone with your fears. You do not have to give birth to your baby in secret without medical support. We will help you and protect your child in a confidential manner and free of charge. Our team of advisers are specially trained and know different ways of supporting you. By law, we are not allowed to pass on personal information to others. All the information that you give to us is therefore protected. You can be sure that nobody will find out about any conversation which you have with us. This applies to relatives, employers, administrative offices, authorities and health insurance providers.

You can reach us free of charge at any time by telephone on our special hotline for pregnant women. The number is 0800 40 40 020. This service is provided in different languages and, as always, anything you say will be treated confidentially. Above all, you can remain anonymous. It does not matter where you live. You have the right to receive advice and support anywhere in Germany.
More information about this special service is available on the following website: www.geburt-vertraulich.de

Advice and support during prenatal examinations

Your doctor will carry out various medical examinations as part of the health-care programme during pregnancy. These include ultrasonography, blood tests and amniocentesis.

Prenatal diagnostics are important. They help to clarify whether your unborn child is suffering from any diseases or congenital disorders. In such cases it may be possible to begin therapy during pregnancy or to make careful preparations for the delivery.

But it can happen that you still have personal doubts even after consulting a doctor. In this case you can contact us and we will help you.

An important question that many women or couples ask is how to deal with a situation where the unborn child is ill (or perhaps even handicapped) and there is little or no chance of total recovery.

We will advise and support you
• during prenatal diagnostics
• while you are waiting for the results of the medical examinations
• if there is an unexpected diagnosis
• if you decide to give birth to the child
• if you decide to terminate the pregnancy

Advice and support for couples who cannot have children together

Wanting to have a child together is one of the most natural things in the world for any couple. If this is not possible for whatever reason, a critical situation may develop which can get out of control.

Couples who find themselves in such a position have the possibility to consult us. In confidential conversations, we will speak with you concerning your wishes, hopes, worries and fears. We will inform you about the different types of treatment that are available, discuss how successful such treatment may be and explain what alternatives exist in terms of life planning.


Do not be afraid to contact us! You can do so any time.

donum vitae Gießen e.V.
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35390 Gießen
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E-Mail donumvitae-giessen@t-online.de

If you wish to have a counselling session with us, please arrange an appointment by telephone in advance.

Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 8:30 -12:00h
Tuesday: 12:30 - 16:00h
Thursday: 12:30 -16:00h
(or by appointment)
It is also possible to arrange an appointment in the evening.

How to find us
Our offices are in the same building as the tourist information and the third world shop.(Schulstraße 4). You must go in via the entrance at the rear (in the Waagengasse). The reception area is on the first floor.
donum vitae Gießen e.V.
Schulstraße 4, 35390 Gießen
Tel. 0 64 1/ 97 27 68 9